Start dancing today at Ballroom In Motion !!

So you want to start dancing? No problem, we've got you covered. For a limited time, Ballroom in Motion is offering a week of free dance lessons* for first-time students. Yes, it's truly free. The only thing we need to know is your name and email address so we can send you your voucher. Eventually we'll need to know more about you, but we'll get that information when you schedule your free lessons with us.

How many weeks of free lessons would you prefer?

1 Week

All we need is your name and email to send you your voucher. We'll get the rest of your contact information when you schedule your lesson.

... or ...

2 Weeks

By helping spread the word, we'll gladly double the offer and give you two weeks of free lessons. Let us post on your Facebook wall and get two free weeks of lessons. There's no need to provide us your name and email since we'll get that through Facebook.

Facebook will ask for permission to allow Ballroom in Motion to post on your wall. Accept this to get your second week of lessons.

* Each week includes one group class and one 30-minute private lesson.

Looking for

For a limited time, Ballroom In Motion is offering free one-week and two-week lesson packages to new students.

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