Eddie Arez Comes to Ballroom in Motion

Usually May brings flowers and showers but this year May brought the incomparable Eddie Ares to the CSRA, compliments of Ballroom in Motion. Eddie is the United States Professional Rising Star Latin-Cabaret-Pro Am Champion & 2003 World Professional Mambo Champion. His love of the dance and his passion for competition has made him a cutting edge professional on and off the floor.

While ranked among the top 5 instructors/coaches in the United States, he is best known for his flashy choreography, which he enjoys doing most of all. Professional teams that have been trained by Eddie have ranked among the top in the US but he also trains amateurs and has achieved numerous US Pro/Am titles. With 22 Pro/Am US Champions, Eddie is one of the most successful & sought after Pro/Am Instructors in the US and Ballroom in Motion brought him here for the enjoyment and training of their students.

Eddie Teaches Private Lessons

Friday morning and afternoon were filled with back to back private lessons. Those who waited too long to book a lesson were left with their noses pressed against the glass, wishing they had planned ahead. Every hour was taken and Eddie made each and every student feel like it was the only lesson he was ever going to teach. The students gave him rave reviews and were inspired to make the most of each and every dance opportunity.

Friday night began with a fast and exciting new look at "Swing." Everyone learned some new moves and "Swing" may never be the same. The second workshop was "Rumba" and if you wanted to learn Latin action, this was your chance. Just watching Eddie rumba was worth the price of admission. The evening ended with a class in arm styling for men and women which took us all to places we have never been before!! On Saturday morning we experienced Bolero and Cha-cha, Arez style. Wow!!

"I have traveled all over the world and have had the pleasure of meeting many students and teachers in a variety of environments. Ballroom in Motion is one of my favorite places to come because of the friendliness and the motivation of the teachers and students. Their hunger to learn and their commitment to dancing is an inspiration to me even after all these years of teaching," says Eddie. "I find this missing from some of the most advanced teaching facilities in the US but never missing here." "This experience is rejuvenating to me even after 20 years of teaching and competing."

Eddie Arez Enjoyed The Experience

"I love working with Teena Marie for a variety of reasons. I have known her for many years and the most amazing thing to me is that she never changes. Some professionals get burned out after so long in the business, but not Teena. She is always upbeat and always puts her students first." Eddie was also impressed with Ballroom in Motion's dance facility at the Elks Lodge. "This is an amazing dance floor and is a rare find in an area the size of Augusta." "I also think that because it was not designed primarily as a dance studio, it has a comfort and coziness that is more conducive to relaxing and learning to dance. The place speaks for itself," says Eddie.

Eddie Arez is not only the consummate professional but he is a warm and funny man. His loves of dancing and students gives him the unique ability to make each and every one of us feel like a champion. If you missed your chance to take part this time, watch for Eddie to return in the Fall. Thank you Eddie, from the students and teaching staff at Ballroom in Motion, for an unforgettable weekend.

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