Magnolia Ball 2007

The Magnolia Ball 2007

This years Magnolia Ball brought back the much aclaimed "Sing, Sing, Sing", a high energy formation number that included Teena Maries niece, Amber Burner and her brother, David McCloskey. Pictured from left to right:
Back row: (left to right) Vicki Cason & Chris Cason. Second row: Debbie Myers, Dave McCloskey,Haley Rollins & Matt Watson. Front row: Amber Bruner & Clifford Saggus. Other members included: Bill & Kathy Austin, Gerold & Pat Harris, Sidney Hutchinson, Leslee Bruner, Stephen Heyl, Lane Skinner, Kelly McKinney, Terrie DeRoller, Errol Jackson, Carin Boyd, Jack Davis & Regina Jenkins.

Bill Doker & teacher Teena Marie have a "ball" at the Magnolia Ball.

Bill Doker and Teacher Teena Marie practice for Bill's guest appearance as "George Hamilton". Bill's big line...You just get toasted, and I know toasted!!

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